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Nordström Group

Nordstöm Group is made up of several separate enterprises, whose overall administration has been concentrated in Oy R. Nordström & Co Ab, established in 1928. The company functioned till the outset of the 1970s as a holding company of the shipowner, Nordström. The operations of the Nordstöm Group can be divided into two main business fields: port and environmental activities. The port functions are further distributed into three branches:

  • Port operations (LFS – Lovisa Forwarding & Stevedoring)
  • Ship's c learance (Oy Aug Ljungqvist Ab)
  • Forwarding (Oy R. Nordström & Co Ab)

The Group’s turnover in 2006 was approximately €6.3 million. A joint board presides over all companies within the Group.

Our environmental operations are situated in Porvoo, where a reception and processing station for contaminated soil is maintained. These activities have been concentrated in Terrasor Oy. In addition to these enterprises, the Group includes several realty companies.


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